firefox_2018-11-16_15-28-05 WordPress 5.0 Beta 5 Adds Permalink Editing to the Document Sidebar design tips
Permalink Panel

WordPress 5.0 Beta 5 is available for testing and includes all of the block editor changes that are in Gutenberg 4.4. One of the major changes in this release is the addition of a Permalink panel that is in the Document sidebar.

The panel was added based on user feedback that the UI for editing the permalink is difficult to discover and buggy. This method of editing the permalink does not replace the existing method of clicking the title block.

In beta 5, developers can now remove panels from the document sidebar. However, if you want to add panels to the sidebar, there is currently no way to do it.

Handling images has been improved in beta 5 as images now take up the right amount of space in themes with wider editors. Hover styles for mobile devices are disabled and the i18n module was refactored to take advantage of performance improvements.

If WordPress 5.0 is released before the end of the year, it will include PHP 7.3 compatibility fixes. If 5.0 is delayed until next year, these compatibility fixes will be released in a minor WordPress update before the end of this year.

WordPress 5.0 RC 1 is scheduled to be released on Monday, November 19th, with 5.0 final scheduled to be released November 27th. If you think you’ve discovered a bug, please report it in the Alpha/Beta support forums.