Over the last couple of months, a lot of discussions have been going on about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Besides the faceoff between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter, there have been numerous instances where discussions and debates on AI took center stage. Eminent personalities like Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt have been involved in such debates. Recently, Google has announced their work with AI trying to create their language and about another AI teaching itself how to “walk.” Understandably, there has been a lot of trepidation about the entry of AI into our daily lives.

WordPress has been quietly catching up to the latest trends of machine learning and AI all along. According to experts, you might even be using some of the AI features of WordPress right now, without conscious realization. This leading CMS platform is using AI at the core of several leading plugins. These plugins can not only complement your website functions, but they can also evolve to become more intuitive and smarter with the help of their core artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities.

Let us find out if you are familiar with any of the AI WordPress plugins that are taking over the web right now.


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Have you always wanted to curate great content for a niche market? Then MyCurator is the right plugin for you. This self-learning plugin can understand what kind of content your website wants and it can automatically eliminate irrelevant items that otherwise crowd your Google Alert, or RSS feeds. It learns from the upvotes and downvotes you give the posts it has found for you.

You can train the plugin algorithm to find content for you at specific times of the day. It can automatically collect content, and with time it learns to collect more relevant content for your CMS.


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Several people use Jetpack without even realizing that they are dabbling in the world of AI and machine learning. This powerful WordPress plugin integrated the After the Deadline spell checker back in 2013. That was the beginning of its relationship with AI. ATD uses natural language processing to learn about contextual spellings and find out writing errors.

Jetpack now features the integrated Spelling and Grammar checks. It can detect misused words and offer smart suggestions based on the contexts of the used word. The type of error is easy to tell since each category has a different color. In addition to spelling errors, it can also find out clichés and language biases that can be degrading for the content quality.

Jetpack can also help greatly with ranking for SEO, but for further help check out Matt Clear’s website.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

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WooCommerce is one of the most downloaded and used ecommerce plugin for WordPress. The Darwin Pricing Integration enables users to integrate a new real-time price monitoring and competition observation software into WooCommerce.

This plugin uses machine learning and AI to collect more relevant information from the market about your competitors and their pricing. It uses statistical analysis to point sellers towards the best discounts in each location. Given the time, Darwin Pricing Integration will ultimately point you towards several business development opportunities.


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Well, well, well…who knew that one of the most used of all the plug-ins on WordPress was running on AI? Realistically speaking, there would be no WordPress without Akismet.

Millions of websites use Akismet every day to protect their SEO from spam from bot visitors/users. It can also detect spam from real human users simply by learning the quality of spam. It can learn from its mistakes and recognize the patterns of spam across millions of other WordPress websites.

WordPress now controls almost 30 percent of the web. Is it at all surprising to find out that among many of the WordPress plugins that you have already been using, a few are already using AI and machine learning to give you smooth and luxurious user experience. The rise of voice recognition, translation, image recognition, and search patterns have significantly contributed to the advent of AI in the WordPress universe.

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