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WP Feedback is running a virtual event from April 27 – May 1. The event is primarily geared toward WordPress professionals who are looking to scale their business. It will feature CEOs, designers, freelancers, and more from the WordPress space. Between five and seven video sessions will be available each new day of the event.

The sessions are free to watch for the full 24-hour period on the day they are scheduled. Once that window closes, visitors must purchase an all-access pass to view them, which is currently available for $67 but will go up to $97 once the event begins. A one-time purchase provides lifetime access.

“Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, every event has been postponed or outright canceled for the foreseeable future,” said Vito Peleg, founder of WP Feedback. “Seeing that the opportunity to learn and network with like-minded professionals was taken away from us at the last second, we decided to step in to provide the true conference experience all without leaving your desk.”

The goal of the summit is provide value by teaching attendees how to scale their agency or freelance business by having experts in their respective fields share advice.

“Above all, the best part is that it’s completely free to attend, and although some of us can’t wait to get out, I’m sure others will agree it’s also really nice that you can attend all from the comfort of your home office — or living rooms!” said Peleg.

The WP Feedback team hopes that everyone from freelancers to large agencies and businesses can learn something. “So to that end, the event is geared towards WordPress professionals who are looking to scale their business beyond themselves (without losing all of their hair), people struggling during the quarantine/lockdown as a result of an impact that this has had on their business, and people who are just looking to meet and network with other like-minded people in the community,” said Peleg.

The goal for WP Feedback is to help WordPress professionals succeed and scale their business via the site’s network and feedback plugin. “This effort is two-fold,” said Peleg. “We primarily do this with our software that simplifies and organizes client communication for web designers. But, we also do so with summits just like this one, educating people through our content and community platform.”

For those interested in seeing what type of content the summit offers, Piccia Neri’s session from 2019, The Main Ingredient of Great UX, is available to watch for free.

Continuation of WP Agency Summit

Last December, before joining the WP Feedback team, Jan Koch launched the first version of this event. Over 2,000 attendees registered and recorded 15,000 session views. Strictly by the numbers, the event was successful.

“Measuring the success of the 2019 summit event in numbers would not even tell half of the story,” said Peleg. “Most exciting were all the ripple effects the event caused. So many new connections were made not just from Jan’s perspective but also in the community that formed around the event on Facebook. We’re all still leveraging these new friendships and hope that, with the improved networking area for the new summit, we’ll see even more connections being made.”

With Koch joining WP Feedback, the team felt like it was a natural move to continue the event. “One of the main reasons Jan joined the team was to be heavily involved with our summit plans due to his experience and success with the WP Agency Summit last year,” said Peleg. “As this is WP FeedBack’s first summit, having Jan on the team has made it possible for us to organize it in such a short amount of time. He’s taught us a lot and we will 100% be using everything we’ve learned to do more like this in the future.”

One of the issues with the 2019 event was the lack of gender diversity. There was a 20:4 male-to-female speaker ratio. The team has attempted to address this for the 2020 event by adding more women to the lineup.

“Yes, that was a hard lesson learned for Jan,” Peleg said in response to the low number of women speakers. “He and the entire team at WP FeedBack leveraged our connections to get a more even ratio this time. Obviously, there are many successful women in the WordPress space, and now we were able to bring a few of our friends on thanks to our combined networks.”

The WP Feedback team has been collectively working to make this year’s event a success. Peleg said that many on the team have had to quickly adapt and learn how to run such an event. “Thankfully, Jan’s experience has massively helped in how we have been planning everything, and he is the one heading up all of the sessions too,” he said. “The vision was to create a summit experience online that replicates how it feels to go to a summit in real life, and we are really taking huge steps to provide that experience for all of our attendees.”