LUBUS, a web design agency in Mumbai, has published a site called WP Storybook that offers an interactive way to explore various WordPress React components. It allows developers to browse and search UI components and see a live preview of the component next to example source code.

yCZSRiLkVv WP Storybook: A Handy Reference for WordPress React UI Components design tips

WP Storybook lets you view different states for various UI components and even test them on different viewports. The development team at LUBUS is adding more as they discover them while building projects with Gutenberg using reusable components. Their goal in publishing the project is to help developers work faster by making components easier to discover and reference.

LUBUS’ roadmap for WP Storybook includes the following:

  • Add as many possible components and cases as possible
  • Capability to view and copy the example source
  • Playground to test out various props and options using knobs addon
  • Categorize components into groups for better discoverability
  • Recipe stories showcasing composing of various components

If you want to contribute to WP Storybook or log an issue, the code is open source (MIT license) on GitHub.