In this episode, John James Jacoby and I are joined by Andrew Roberts, CEO and Co-founder of Tiny. Tiny is the company behind the popular open source library TinyMCE. Roberts shares his entrepreneurial journey, what the company plans on doing with its recent round of funding, and the relationship between TinyMCE and Gutenberg.

Here is an excerpt from the show on what Roberts thinks about Gutenberg.

I think that ultimately Gutenberg will be more innovative than just incrementally changing from the old editor experience toward block-based editing.

I think you know Matt’s probably had a tough year with some of the criticisms around Gutenberg but I admire his courage and leadership because if he hadn’t put his brand equity on the line, if he hadn’t invested his goodwill in doing this, this would never be launching in a month from now.

There may be a painful year or two but in the grand scheme of things this will turn out for the better. It’s taken a lot of courage and bravery for him to do that. He’s taken a lot of shots in the back, but you know that’s why he gets paid the big bucks as they say.

Stories Discussed:

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