In this episode, Malcolm Peralty and I are joined by Dan Maby, Founder of WP&UP. WP&UP is a non-profit charity based in England that supports and promotes positive mental health in the WordPress Community.

Dan explains why he started the charity, what he’s learned and how he manages his own mental health, and how the donation funds are spent. He also shared some startling statistics from a recent mental health survey they conducted. The results of this survey are being put into a white paper that will be published later this year.

We finished up the show covering the news of the week. If you’re interested in supporting WP&UP, please consider donating.

Stories Discussed:

Matt Mullenweg’s Summer Update at WordCamp Europe 2019: Gutenberg’s Progress and a Preview of Upcoming Features

Free Event: Post Status to Live Stream Publish Online July 8-9

Contribution Time, Sponsored, and Teams Fields Added to User Profiles

WP Engine Acquires Flywheel



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