8 Rules for Creating an Effective Responsive Website or App

Users are spending a lot of time interacting with websites on mobile devices, rather than desktops. And that number seems to be growing daily. According to eMarketer, adults in the U.S. spend an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes on their phones, and the amount of time engaging on these devices is expected to […]
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Codester: Web Design at Your Fingertips

A design marketplace can be a total lifesaver. From code snippets to graphic design elements, to themes and plugins, a good marketplace has all the little tools that you need in a pinch. Codester is a marketplace that’s packed with everything you need to keep design projects moving forward. You can buy premium PHP scripts, […]
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What’s New In CSS?

Rachel hooks us up with what the CSS Working Group is talking about:

  • Styling scrollbars. This would come with properties like scrollbar-width and scrollbar-color. The best we have right now is proprietary WebKit stuff.
  • Aspect ratios. I imagine the CSS portion of this journey will be best handled if it plays nicely with the HTML intrinsicsize stuff.
  • Matching without specificity. :where() is :matches() with no specificity, and :matches() may become :is().
  • Logical Properties shorthand. The team is

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Why WordPress is the Most Adaptable and Inventive Platform Out There

When it comes to Content Management Systems, nothing can be more versatile than WordPress. That is the reason why almost 30 percent of all the sites on the web are powered by WordPress. Ever since it began in 2003, WordPress has become the go-to platform for bloggers and businesses of every size. In this post, we are …
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Speed up Your Website Now

Page speed is something that every website owner needs to be concerned with today. Google uses page speed as one of their signals when determining where to rank your website. If your website is quick to load, you will not only offer viewers an excellent user experience but you will also climb up the search …
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Simple Named Grid Areas

I think of named grid areas in CSS Grids as bring-your-own syntactic sugar. You don’t absolutely need them (you could express grid placement in other ways), but it can make that placement more intuitive. And, hey, if I’m wrong about that, correct me in the comments.

Say you set up a 3-column grid:

.grid {
display: grid;
grid-gap: 1rem;
200px 1fr 1fr;

No rows defined there; those are implicit and will appear as needed. We could define them, …

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20+ Simple PowerPoint Templates (With Clutter-Free Design)

When it comes to creating PowerPoint slideshows, using a simple PowerPoint template can be a key approach. It may seem like a good idea to throw the kitchen sink: data, stats, charts, and shapes into every slide, but you’ll never be able to win over your audience with a cluttered slideshow design. That’s why professionals […]
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