30+ Best iPhone X Mockups (PSD, AI & Sketch)

The iPhone X is Apple’s most radical phone to date. Which makes an iPhone X mockup the perfect way to showcase your design in an original way, especially if you’re working on an app, video game, or a website design. iPhone X has a unique bezel-less design which makes it stand out. This also makes […]
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Better rendering for variable fonts

I was messing around with a variable font the other day and noticed this weird rendering issue in the latest version of Chrome where certain parts of letterforms were clipping into each other in a really weird way. Thankfully, though, Stephen Nixon has come to the rescue with a temporary hack to fix the issue which using a text-shadow on the text that’s using the variable font:

.variable-font {
text-shadow: 0 0 0 #000; /* text color goes last here

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The Google Mobile First Index and What It Means for Your WordPress Site

The Google mobile first index is upon us and it will further change the way we optimize our sites. Since mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers as the dominant Internet devices in 2016, the search giant has increasingly put emphasis on mobile friendliness. These days, if you don’t know how to make your WordPress website …
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Handling Errors with Error Boundary

Thinking and building in React involves approaching application design in chunks, or components. Each part of your application that performs an action can and should be treated as a component. In fact, React is component-based and, as Tomas Eglinkas recently wrote, we should leverage that concept and err on the side of splitting any large chunking into smaller components.

Splitting inevitably introduces component hierarchies, which are good because they bloated components and architecture. However, things can begin to …

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25+ Best Stencil Fonts

Looking for the best stencil fonts for your next design project? We’ve collected our favorite stencil letter fonts to give you dozens to choose from, all beautifully crafted to give you a stylish stencil effect. When it comes to designing movie posters, video game covers, and military and industrial-themed designs, you can’t go wrong with […]
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Resilient, Declarative, Contextual

Keith J. Grant:

I want to look at three key characteristics of CSS that set it apart from conventional programming languages: it’s resilient; it’s declarative; and it’s contextual. Understanding these aspects of the language, I think, is key to becoming proficient in CSS.

  1. Like HTML, unknown or slightly broken CSS doesn’t stop a site in its tracks.
  2. You write something you want to happen in CSS, it happens, and a bunch of related things may happen to. I like Keith’s

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