Create a Business Video Yourself Fast and Easily with MakeWebVideo

The popularity of online videos as an effective marketing tool needs no introduction. The fact that they deliver the message in detail allows you to create a quick brand identity which is very important in today’s highly competitive internet world. With the advent of social media the demand for web videos as a means to market products, services and promote a business is on the rise. But when we think of creating videos to market our business we feel it is costly and involves hiring the services of a professional video maker. Not anymore, today you can create a business video yourself using an online video software, super easily and in a short time period.

You may be wondering where you can find these online video creation tools, well, there’s one that was recently launched and is fast becoming very popular. In a short time span MakeWebVideo has become increasingly popular not just with the amateur video makers but even with the professionals. Very few tools match up to its usability and scalability. To put it in simple words it is a ‘no nonsense tool’ that allows you to create normal and animated videos with ease. Consider this, you can create a professional video to market your business within 30 minutes. Does it get any bigger than this?

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Usability Factor    

As a first time user of this online tool you will be impressed with the dashboard. It is clean and simple and the developers have kept away all unnecessary tools that often act more as distraction than add to the convenience. There is a welcoming feeling to this tool and it will encourage you to try your hand even if you have no prior expertise in making videos. The developers have kept in mind the proficiency of the average user and created a very user-friendly interface. All that you are required to do is select a template that best suits your business needs and upload your content such as text, pictures and video footage if you have any. We particularly like the option of using existing video footage as this is something some of the other online video production tools are lacking. 

Templates to Suit Your Needs         

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One of the factors that powers the popularity of MakeWebVideo is the wide range of video templates that you can choose from. These provide you the skeletal structure over which you can customize the video. The needs of every business are different and hence they would need to create videos keeping in mind their target audience. If the target audience is young children animated videos would work best. On the other hand if you plan to target aged people your video needs to be more serious in tone. In this online tool you will find different genres of video templates including Ink Effect, Cartoon, Tablet, Children, 3D Design, Slideshow, Text Only, Scrapbook, Pop-Up Book, Corporate and Animated Explainer.  These templates have been designed by some of the best video artists in the world and are contemporary in nature.

Create a Business Video In Three Steps

So far we have stated that creating a web video using this tool is easy and now you will see for yourself that you can create a video for your business in a matter of 30 minutes in three easy steps. So here they are –

# First Step – In step one you will need to choose among the templates that we have mentioned earlier. This is very important phase in video creation as there are many factors that you need to consider such as the message you need to deliver and your target audience as this often decides the success of the video.

# Second Step – Once you have zeroed on the template it is time for you to upload all the footages, music images, graphics and texts that are to be included into the video. Do this in a sequential manner as this will help you achieve the video that you want. Make sure you check the spellings in the video as this is one area where most users make silly errors.

# Third Step–In the third and the final step you will generate the a free preview video for error checking and a final full HD video. Once the video has been produced, you’ll get to download a MP4 video file, and since the service also provides hosting of the video, they provide some html code for embeding the video on any website. The video will then be played directly from their server, this is a huge advantage since you won’t have to look for a video hosting service.  Apart from this you will also be able to download the video in several formats and sizes.

Features of MakeWebVideo

  • Full HD QualityThis online tool helps you achieve videos of extremely high quality. You can get Full HD videos which allow you to fit in more detail and creates an impression about your brand. MakeWebVideo is powered by Adobe After Effects which is a professional grade video production software and very popular in the market, hence you can trust the quality of the produced video.
  • Online WorkspaceYour entire work will be on a virtual space and this allows you to work from anywhere irrespective of workstation you are using. Your work will be saved and you can pick up from where you left. Thus you can work on your video in phases from different workstations.
  • Complete Browser Tool – One of the biggest advantages of this tool is the fact that it is completely browser based and hence you won’t need to download any plugin or software to operate this tool. It is cross browser compatible and works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. You can use this tool from any workstation that runs on Windows, Linux or Macintosh.
  • Hosting Solution Provided – Along with the video creation service this online tool also provides you hosting solutions. This is a great advantage as video hosting on servers is a costly affair as videos consume a lot of disk space. You don’t need to incur extra cost on video hosting as your videos are hosted on a fast and secured server.
  • 3D Graphics – Over the last few years we have seen increasing popularity of 3D graphics in videos. They add depth to the videos and make it more visually attractive for the eye. MakeWebVideo have video templates made entirely using advanced 3D graphics.
  • Choice of Formats – This tool allows you to generate videos in multiple formats to suit all your business needs. In order for playing the video using the HTML5 format, the service will deliver videos in MP4 and WEBM format, which can also be uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Pricing Plans

If you are amazed with the features that this online video creator offers you will be more amazed with the pricing plans. It is one of the most cost effective video creation tools in the market. You can get a professional quality business video for as low as $29 USD and a 2 minute long explainer video for as low as $89 USD. This is only a fraction of the cost that traditional video production companies would charge you. To add to your benefit, MakeWebVideo also promises you a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the video. You can start now by creating a trial video absolutely free of cost.

Summing Up

To sum up if you are looking for a tool that lets you create a professional business video easily and cost effectively MakeWebVideo is custom made for you.  Its biggest advantage; it’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t require you to have knowledge of video editing. It is a highly recommended tool for small and large business alike.

You will most certainly need to prepare still images for your video. If you don’t own a good photo editing program, you can head over to, which is an online graphic design tool also developed by Mersica Inc., the company behind MakeWebVideo.


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