Debbie Millman recently interviewed Bob Gill for the Design Matters podcast.

bob-gill Design Matters: Bob Gill design tips
Bob Gill, photo credit

“Let’s say I got a logo to do for a dry cleaner. Instead of sitting in my studio looking through design books to get inspiration, surprise surprise, I thought it made sense to go to a dry cleaner and to sit there. I didn’t have a definite process that I went through. I just knew I should stay there until I had something interesting to say about dry cleaning. Just to sit there, to ask questions, to see what people were doing, to look at the back of the dry cleaner and so forth. And in the end you must be honest with yourself, I hoped I was honest with myself, if I had something genuinely interesting to say about dry cleaning I would listen to this statement and it would design itself.”

Listen to the full interview on the Design Observer website.

If you don’t have any of Bob Gill’s books, get Bob Gill, so far.

logo-design-love-the-book Design Matters: Bob Gill design tips