Worth a watch if you think you’re undervaluing yourself. It’s a 30-minute tutorial from Chris Do, founder of Blind in Santa Monica, where he explains his pricing structure for logos and other design services.

3:40 Why logos are worth more to some companies than others.
5:40 Price the client not the job.
7:45 What does Blind charge to design a logo?
8:25 How do you quantify/justify the hours to a client?
9:45 Paula Scher’s approach (also see the Picasso story).
11:40 Pricing role play.
13:20 Most entrepreneurs value time. Symmetry of logic.
21:20 Clients don’t choose the best option. They choose the least risky option.

Thanks for sharing, Chris. Always interesting to see how others handle this side of things.

Via Paul Wilsdon.