The nation’s second largest city and the home to movie stars and celebrities, there’s no shortage of entertainment in LA. When you want to catch it at home, though, make sure you’re using one of the city’s top three cable providers.

#1 Spectrum

Available in 100 percent of the homes in the city, Spectrum is the go-to cable provider in the LA area. Basic packages start at $45 a month and include 125 channels, although you can upgrade to get more than 200 channels if you so desire.

Spectrum also offers high-speed internet services to those who are looking to bundle their home utilities and save more money.

#2 AT&T

Around 60 percent of LA residents can access AT&T, and if you fall into this service area, you should consider this provider. Premium packages allow you to access more than 560 channels, which is a ton, but basic packages offer around 180 channels and cost around $60 per month, which is slightly more than Spectrum.

It’s also possible to bundle internet with AT&T, and if you want satellite TV instead, AT&T is your best bet since it now offers DirecTV service to those who want it.

#3 Sonic

Although Sonic makes it onto this list, it really doesn’t keep up with what the other providers on this list are offering. First, it’s only available to about half of LA, and while cable plans are comparable, internet packages are not. Most Sonic connections don’t exceed 100 Mbps, which really isn’t enough in this day and age.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to go with one of the “big guys,” consider giving Sonic a shot. It’s not a terrible option, just not the best.

Overall, in LA, there are two great options and one pretty good option. Check availability in your area and compare for yourself to see which one is going to meet your needs.

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