Searching for a cable TV provider in San Antonio can be overwhelming since there are so many choices. To help you, we’ve reviewed what’s out there and narrowed the list to three.

#1 AT&T

Whether you choose its proprietary U-Verse service or its satellite partner DirecTV, which gives you access to things such as NFL Sunday Ticket, you won’t go wrong with AT&T as your cable provider.

Plans exist that give you access to more than 500 channels, although it’s more likely you will go for something more basic that gets you around 200 channels for just $60 a month.

In addition, you can save even more money by bundling AT&T cellular service or high-speed internet service, helping to set AT&T apart in the San Antonio market.

#2 Spectrum

A close second to AT&T, Spectrum has lots of different options that will please almost anyone. Most plans offer more than 200 channels, and you can also access a tremendous On Demand library that includes more than 10,000 titles. In addition, for those who want to include a high-speed internet connection with their cable service, Spectrum is one of the top providers in the area.

#3 Suddenlink

Although the name sounds a bit ominous, Suddenlink is an excellent option for a few reasons. For one, it makes use of apps, which allows you to quickly and easily access streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

You can also access your cable service from your phone and watch TV anywhere through the app, and Suddenlink also broadcasts some programs in 3D, which is a nice touch.


Clearly, if you live in San Antonio, you have lots of exciting options when it comes time to choose a cable TV provider. But going with one of the companies on this list will surely help you get what you want and need.

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