Whether you’re moving there because of a new job, or whether you’ve called home forever, Louisville has a lot of options when it comes to cable TV providers. This makes it difficult to know which one is the best, which is why we’ve done our research to narrow the list down to three, here’s what we found:

#1 AT&T

AT&T is far and away the best cable television provider in Louisville because it offers consumers the widest variety of service. It’s the only cable television provider in the country that offers you both regular cable television and sound like television.

For those who choose regular cable television, known as U-verse, you will have to choose between a plan that offers either 300, 400, or 500 channels, in which when you choose will play an important role in how much you pay per month.

#2 Spectrum

Next to AT&T is Spectrum. We like Spectrum a lot, and we would have ranked higher if it were more widely available in Louisville.

The reason why we like Spectrum so much is that it does something that most cable companies don’t dare to do, which is that it provides high definition programming for free. That’s right, that you do not need to pay extra for high-definition, it is included in the price of your subscription.

#3 Dish

One of the things most people really enjoy about this is that the company uses fixed pricing. This means that once you agree to the monthly price, it will not go out for the duration of your contract, which is usually two years.

Many cable companies use promotional pricing, which means that after one year or a certain amount of months you lose your discount and have to pay more. This does not happen with this dish.


As you can see, there are many different choices for cable television providers in Louisville. We hope this list makes it easier for you to find the company that will get you what you want and need.

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