Between the beautiful weather and white sand beaches, it’s hard to imagine needing cable TV in Miami. But not every day can be spent at the beach, so when you’re choosing a cable provider, consider going with one of these top choices:

#1 AT&T

With service to more than 97 percent of Miami residents, and also the most exciting packages in the area, AT& is the top choice for cable providers in South Florida.

Part of the reason why it’s such a great choice is that AT&T, in addition to offering traditional cable packages that give you access to more than 180 channels for just $60 a month, you can also get DirecTV from AT&T, which gives you access to things such as NFL Sunday ticket.

#2 Xfinity

A close second to AT&T, Xfinity is an excellent option in Miami. It’s available to more than 98 percent of residents, and it costs about the same as the competition.

One thing that holds Xfinity back from being the top choice is that its premium packages offer fewer channels, only around 250, as compared to the 500 offered by AT&T. But this might not be important to most consumers.

You can also bundle your cable TV with an internet packaged to save money on both.


For those interested in satellite TV, DISH is an excellent option. It offers more than 260 channels and also has one of the more advanced DVR systems in the industry, which is great for those who want to record shows and watch them later.

DISH also offers almost all of its channels in high definition, which really improves the TV watching experience.

Overall, just as Miami offers you many great entertainment options, it also offers you lots of cable TV providers, and the three on this list are sure to meet your needs.

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