The Big Apple is the largest market in the United States, and this means lots of choices when it comes time to choosing a cable TV provider. To help you narrow the search, we’ve reviewed what’s out there and came up with a list of the best three.

#1 Spectrum

For those looking for a cable TV provider that gives them access to tons of HD programming, an extensive On Demand library, and Primetime, Spectrum is the choice for you.

In addition, you can also bundle your TV service with broadband internet to make your package even more cost effective.

Most Spectrum plans offer you more than 200 channels, and HD is included, which is a nice perk.

#2 RCN

With basic packages that offer you more than 285 channels, RCN is well-deserving of the second spot on this list. One nice perk of this service is that you can download and sync recorded shows to your mobile device, which allows you to watch TV virtually anywhere, even in areas where you don’t have access to the internet.

RCN also gives you free TiVo boxes, which you can put in different rooms around the house and sync so that you can watch what you want when you want.

However, its On Demand library is lacking compared to the competition.

#3 DirecTV

Now a partner with AT&T, DirecTV is the go-to option for sports fans who root for teams that are based outside New York. NFL Sunday Ticket gets you all the games, and other sports packages that are exclusive to DirecTV are available.

Since DirecTV is part of AT&T, you can also get plans that include high-speed internet, which we cannot say of DirecTV’s satellite competitor, DISH.

In truth, there are more options. But these are far and away the best three. We recommend you start, and perhaps end, your search here.

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