do-the-woo Shifts Focus to WooCommerce, Rebrands as ‘Do the Woo’ design tips News announced yesterday that the site and its podcast would be rebranded to “Do the Woo at BobWP .” After a decade of more generalized WordPress topics and news, it will now focus specifically on the WooCommerce plugin and its community. The podcast will also be aired weekly, notching up their previous twice-monthly episodes.

For Bob Dunn, founder and co-host, this was move was a natural result of where the community he had built was heading. “Over the last 3 years, we have consistently created content around WooCommerce on our site,” he said. “I saw that this was what our readers wanted, so built that up and in March of last year, made the decision to focus entirely on WooCommerce.”

Dunn said he has been a fan of WooCommerce since its launch. “It has always been a favorite of mine, and I have used it to sell a lot of stuff. But oddly enough, never physical products.”

Starting in 2020, the podcast will run weekly. To keep up the brisk pace, the show is bringing on two new co-hosts. Joining the team is Jonathan Wold, community lead for WooCommerce, and Mendel Kurland, developer advocate a Liquid Web. Brad Williams, CEO of WebDevStudios, has been a co-host since 2018.

New episodes of the podcast will air every Thursday. The show is pre-recorded on Tuesday of the same week, so the content should remain timely.

Do the Woo will specifically cater to its WooCommerce audience, but it may delve into the larger eCommerce world from time to time. However, Dunn recommends listening in on the WP eCommerce Show for topics that explore the larger WordPress and eCommerce landscape.

Dunn does not feel like there will be a shortage of topics to explore every week with WooCommerce-specific content. “At first, yes, it is a bit of a challenge finding topics around it,” he said. “But, expanding it to bring in more of what people are doing in the space, no matter how big or small, opens it up more.” He is optimistic about the show’s future. “I’ll dig as deep as I need to go. And, with its growth, it may come to the time where there will always be more [content] than I need.”

The podcast’s format remains simple. “We basically bring a guest in, learn more about what they are doing and their involvement in the Woo ecosystem,” said Dunn. “We wrap it up, typically covering two or three news items. The conversation isn’t planned at all. We just take it where it leads us.”

Dunn originally began the Doo the Woo podcast in 2016 but broadened the scope that same year to WordPress and eCommerce. “I missed it, and at the end of 2017, brought it back as more of an interview-style show, with me and a guest,” he said. “For the next few months, I did very few shows and felt I need to change it up to be more conversational.” He brought on Williams as a co-host at that point. “We did a few shows where Brad and I would just chat Woo stuff, and both came to the conclusion it would be fun to bring on a guest, but still keeping it conversational.”

The podcast episodes were sporadic until the middle of 2019, which was the start of the bi-weekly schedule. Today, with three extra co-hosts, the team can rotate who is hosting a particular episode.

Dunn said he still catches a few other podcasts but not as many as in the past. “Always been a fan of and still listen to Matt Report and Get Options,” he said. “I am sure I have listened to just about every WP-centric podcast a few times over the years. Without naming each one, there are several good choices depending on what you are looking for. Podcast listening is a very personal choice and I just recommend people dabble in what is out there and find those that click with you.”

Listen to episode 33 where the team discusses the show’s plans for 2020 and beyond: